A Better Background Check Provider


Data was fast becoming digital during the late-1990s. Public documents and court data were all of sudden easier to access. This offered the background check sector a big chance to speed up and reduce the cost of the process.

With the emergence of advanced technology combined with the intricacies of employee hiring resulting in employment fraud, workplace violence, and unfair screening practices, comes the development of Talentprobe, a user-friendly self-service background check platform for enterprises.

At Talentprobe, we’re working harder than ever to make background checks less time-consuming and to speed up the decision-making process for employers. The intuitive, paperless workflow of Talentprobe, which was designed to be simple, easy to use, and adaptable, enables you to onboard new hires more quickly, easily, and confidently than with any other service.

That’s why more than 400 employers have trusted Talentprobe for employment screening services.


Talentprobe’s mission is to provide our clients with a comprehensive, audit-friendly background screening process through an easy-to-use application that will produce a clear, consistent, and concise background report to help make smarter hiring decisions.

We provide a user-friendly application like no other. Our services do not require any special terminals or complicated software installations. Just a few clicks and your reports will be initiated.

We have invested in cutting-edge technology to ensure that when new information is made available from any of our sources, our system updates itself immediately. This helps ensure that you have access to as much reasonably current criminal background information as possible.


Customer Satisfaction

We provide amazing client relationships and customer experiences that go above and over.


Our integrity is unwavering. We adhere to the regulations precisely and never once consider stepping over the line.


Every day, we try to find methods to make our company and organization better in every way.

Rapid but rigorous

We combine uncompromising speed with data-driven analysis, close attention to detail, and a quality-oriented approach.


We engage in direct, honest, and open communication. We acknowledge both positive and undesirable news without seeking to place blame.


We all set a high standard for one another and lead by example. We fulfill the obligations we make because they are important to us.